Who Are We?

We are three teachers who have spent years working with marginalized populations in various capacities.  That being said, though, we are always open to new horizons and are always learning from our students, our peers, our environment, and life itself.  

Tony Hunt

Tony Hunt has been working in education for nearly 40 years.  He has taught pre-k through university and spent the majority of his time in Alternative education (30-years) at the secondary level.  

He had taught most mainstream and, including,  core subjects prior to his finding a niche in alternative education; he began in the halls of a private contract school that served disenfranchised students from all walks of life, needing so much help in filling their learning gaps.   His working in Ecuador and later being a Migrant Education consultant also lent itself to bringing skills that worked when helping students and families.  

This podcast is one way he hopes to bring enlightenment and community to the Alternative Education crowd, and those in the mainstream who have the curiosity and the interest.  

Christy Goodell

Christy Goodell has been working in education for nearly 30 years,  from Arizona to Oregon.    She has taught in a variety of settings, ranging from Montessori schools to Schools for the Deaf to Comprehensive Public Schools, grades Pre-K to High School.

With a Master's in Deaf Education and a background teaching Special Education, Christy has spent her career advocating, supporting, and educating students to achieve high academic & career-related standards as well as pursue their individual goals.  Recognizing that every student has a different learning style & speed, she works closely with Alternative Education Depts in order to provide accommodations & plans to support each child's unique path towards success.

She is currently Department Chair of Special Education at a Portland, OR metro high school, where she also works with the Alternative Education department in developing curriculum and more options for her students.  She is a wife & mom to her wonderful family....including her two adorable Labradors.

Philip Summers

Philip Summers has worked in education, advanced learning states, as well as baseball and endurance sports coaching for over 30 years.  With a bachelor’s in history, a certificate in Black Studies, and a Master's in Teaching his approach to teaching has been outcome/proficiency-based and experiential as well as addressing standards.  Most of his work has been done in secondary alternative educational settings although he has also worked as a primary grade teacher in both public schools and private schools for dyslexic students specifically.  Philip believes in radical educational structure reform that incorporates approaches such as the Flow States, intrinsic student motivators, small learning environments, Integral Theoretical approaches, with a de-emphasis on college and an emphasis on lifelong evolution through learning.