The Podcast

Episode 1.1 -

 What we wish people knew about Alternative Education

Episode 1.2

Foundations of a Good Alternative Program pt 1

Episode 1.3

Foundations of a Good Alternative Program pt 2

Episode 1.4

Why Are There No Alternative Education Training Programs for Teachers? 

Episode 1.5

Who Does Alternative Education Serve? 

For the most part, alternative education tends to be a melting pot that specializes in more focused education for the students served.  OR is it really a dumping ground for the hopeless students that nobody wants to work with? 

Episode 1.6

Book Review:  One Size Does Not Fit All:  a student's assessment of schools

 by Nikhil Goyal

What did We Learn from the Pandemic? 

Episode 12 - Consensual Learning - What is it?

Creating a Sense of Belonging at School

What Makes a Great Alternative Education Teacher? 

How Do States Define Alternative Education? 

WTF is Alternative Ed, Anyhow?

A Conversation with Valinda Jones from Gates High School

A Conversation with Former School Psychologist Marion Wagner

A Conversation with Philip Summers on Flow - Part One

A Conversation with Philip Summers on Flow - Part Two

A Little Alternative Education History - a little

Why Are Teachers Leaving Education?

Liz Keable Talks Metacognition

How Much is a Teacher Worth? 

Is Anxiety the New Learning Disorder? 

Parental Involvement - What Does It Look Like Now? Has It Changed? How Can It Help Build the Community?

Should Students Do College? 

Community, Race, and Parental Involvement with Marcus LeGrand

Credit Recovery 

How Do We Teach Purpose?

Rural Education on the Reservation with Courtney Leer

What is Equity and How Do We Teach It?

Why Are Math Scores Declining and What Can We Do About It?

Why Are Reading Scores on the Decline? 

Why Do They Assume Alternative Ed Students Are Criminals?

Using Alternative Education for Discipline? 

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) - What Is It and Is It Good for Alternative Education? 

Universal Design for Learning - Trying to Create a Lesson

Standardized Testing

Are Charter Schools Alternative Education? 

2022 - The School Year In Review

What is the Purpose of Schools

Freedom of Speech in the Classroom - Does it Exist? 

The Why, How, and Uses of Recess in the Alt Ed and Mainstream Secondary Classroom 

Educator Burnout - Part One

Educator Burnout Part Two

Can We Use the MetaVerse in Education? 

Building Community