Educational Triage

          A Place For Alternative Teachers By  Alternative Teachers

In the world of Alternative Education there are so many people who believe they "know" what's really going on.   And if you ask anyone about how they would define Alternative Education their definition may not always gibe with another; in fact, state-to-state definitions differ.  However, there are still many elements that remain the same, especially one - Our Mission Is to Serve All Students Who Walk Through Our Doors.  And, We Look Outside the Mainstream Box to Develop and Design and Implement Methods that will Serve the Student.  

In her book, Transforming Alternative Education, Dr. Lateshia Woodley says, 

Alternative education programs are structures that support students that are most at risk for dropping out of high school. I would consider them to be the intensive care unit of the educational system. Like the medical ICU unit that employs specialized doctors and nurses, we must employ staff that is highly specialized and trained to work in alternative education programs. Imagine putting a pediatrician and pediatric nursing staff in charge of running a trauma center that receives multiple gunshot wounds a day. Imagine the number of casualties or deaths that would occur daily due to the lack of experience, passion, and expertise needed to effectively care for the unique population. We would think that this was medical malpractice. However, we commit educational malpractice everyday by placing educational leaders, teachers and support staff in alternative education settings who lack the experience, passion and expertise needed to effect change with this unique population of students. The number of casualties is alarming as we look at the dropout rates which provide a glimpse into the death toll of all the hopes, dreams and unrealized potential of the students impacted by our decisions. 

("Transforming Alternative Education: Woodley, Dr. Lateshia." 2016.)

The Purpose of this Podcast, Educational Triage, is to look at Alternative Education from the perspective of the teacher, for the teacher.   We hope to reach as many as possible in order to begin a conversation that can be shared in order to generate a rich and vibrant community that serves students as elegantly as possible.  

Please join us on our quest.  And, if you would like to reach out and give us your brand of guidance, then please, grace us.